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What is TheClub?


The Perfect Virtual Party Experience

About Us

Created out of necessity, TheClub has transformed the way people party and enjoy music online. We have a mission to create the perfect Virtual Party and Live DJing experience. Our team of experts have worked tirelessly on this vision, carefully crafting our App to give users what they’ve always wanted — A home we can call our own.


What is TheClub?

TheClub is a Mobile app designed to create the perfect at home party experience, fueled by the world's top and up-and-coming DJs.

It all sounds great, but what does this App actually do?

TheClub allows you to find and support top Live DJs to stream directly into your phone and into your home via casting to a streaming device such as Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku, Etc.

Where can I get the app?

The app will be avaialble on iOS, Android, and Web.

When will the app be ready?

The app is now available in both the Google Play & App Store. Search "TheClub - Live DJs & Parties"

How do I get paid?

Viewers of your live stream send you tips & donations by purchasing Applaud Points (AP) and giving them to you in-stream. When AP is given to you it converts into Fame of which you can cash out for real dollars right to your bank account via our payment processor, Stripe.

Will my stream get muted or cut off?

No. At TheClubwe are committed to giving you the freedom to express your talents with no limitations. We work hard to ensure that all royalties are paid out to the rights owner(s) of the music played on your stream.