EP. 001 - DJ Get Em (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Vernon Black DJ Name: DJ Get Em Website: Instagram: @djgetem_123 Facebook:

Primary Genre: Hip Hop/Rap Other Genres: R&B, Reggae, Soca, Dancehall, House, Afrobeat



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Darrel Frater: What's going on everybody Darryl D freighter here and welcome to the my DJ story podcast. We're here with our good friend DJ J. Get them and he's going to tell a


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Darrel Frater: Story DJ Jake Adam, can you please introduce yourself for the people.


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Dee J Getem: What's going on out there, y'all. My name is DJ, get up. I go by DJ get them I'm


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Darrel Frater: Story appreciate you being on the show, man. How we do it on the DJ, DJ story podcast. So you're going to pretty much tells the audience.


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Darrel Frater: The beginning story how you got started, you know your story about prior to coven and then I'm also the future and after coven then when we go into our lightning round so yeah man would love to hear how you got started in the DJ business.


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Dee J Getem: Um, basically, I started out as a as a band room BJ.


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Dee J Getem: I've been DJ, and since the age of nine my arm, my uncle, big time Jamaican Jamaican DJ. He was one of the best to making BJ he's ever live


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Dee J Getem: And I grew up watching him DJ is going to be as a kid, cuz when he said, Leave his turn tables are going to basically stop. That's where the mentality was up in you know you know how they could go


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Dee J Getem: So, uh, like I say, I was a band with DJ for years. Um, I didn't get serious about the chancel maybe four years ago.


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Dee J Getem: Um, my wife. She encouraged me. She was like, You know what, baby. She say you good. You need to let the world know who BJ get them is I mean you you go


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Dee J Getem: So I booked my first, my first real gig made by four years ago. And my wife recorded it and when I made the crowd move


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Dee J Getem: Issue, like maybe look she say you'll see how many people move. And I'm like, wow. So my wife, pretty much encouraged me to push my DJ career further


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Dee J Getem: But who motivated me I'm back in 99 2000s Mannie fresh. I don't know. I was crazy about DJ Mannie fresh. I wonder what it was about him.


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Dee J Getem: You know, he got me one start making beats ice and use a program called hip hop DJ by to to make beats and everything, but far to DJ career, my wife, pretty much help me get to amen


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Darrel Frater: Wow. So you saying you had a spark. Many years ago, and then you know you said your family member. He was a big you making DJ and pretty much that like lit the fire, and you always want to do DJ. But you said you didn't get started. Until most recently, right, because


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Darrel Frater: You heard about five years ago or so.


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Dee J Getem: Yeah, about for about four years ago.


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Dee J Getem: Since I was nine, you know, but


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Darrel Frater: Really okay so


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Darrel Frater: It's okay.


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Darrel Frater: So you've been DJ for a minute, but you've really transitioned into professional DJ maybe about four years ago.


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Darrel Frater: My wife was a really big.


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Darrel Frater: component to that motivation of I've taken it to the next level. And, you know, at folks on it, even as a career. Correct.


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Darrel Frater: Yep, that's amazing man that is truly amazing man. It's always good to have someone in your corner.


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Darrel Frater: That is pushing you forward and motivating and supporting you in the things that you're passionate about, like, you cannot do it without having a supportive partner, so kudos to your wife. Yeah, that's a very amazing


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Darrel Frater: To see that


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Darrel Frater: That you know you had a vision and you just execute on that with our support, man. And I'm Jamaican so I'm glad to hear you have some to make it a influence that that got you into the craft of DJ, DJ is really a craft. It's not something that you just pick up and just automatically


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Darrel Frater: Are expert at it.


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Darrel Frater: It takes time. It takes experience, it takes


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Dee J Getem: Us.


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Darrel Frater: Know someone to really dedicate


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Darrel Frater: Yourself to being a good DJ and, you know, I'm not a DJ myself so I can't even say that I


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Darrel Frater: Did


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Darrel Frater: I i'm just inspired by what you guys do as DJ, and that's what made me start the club. This new live streaming app that is helping DJ make money online.


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Darrel Frater: And they were going to like to experience that DJ are having right now in regards to cove it. Tell me a little bit about how Cove, it has affected your DJ career.


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Dee J Getem: On when cope with first hit it affected me


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Dee J Getem: Arm drastically. But I look at it as a blessing and a curse at the same time. The reason why is because it helped me to be able to get my LLC. So I was able to get my LLC. I got licensed, I'm sure. And it helped me to, you know, be able to learn how to make money without being in the club.


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Dee J Getem: So it affected me but then it didn't, it didn't affect me, if that makes sense.