EP. 002 - DJ LyRiX (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Javier Rivas DJ Name: DJ LyRiX All Links: Website: Instagram: @iamdjlyrix

Primary Genre: Hip Hop/Rap Other Genres: R&B, Reggae, Soca, Dancehall, Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, Pop, House, Afrobeat



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Darrel Frater: What's going on everybody Darryl D freighter here and we are here with DJ lyrics is about to tell us his DJ story on the by DJ story podcast details. Please introduce yourself to the crowd.


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Dj LyRiX Jay: Hey what's up guys, my name is Jay Jay reavis and I have been a DJ this year on my 40th birthday will be 25 years


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Dj LyRiX Jay: Congrats. Thank you. So, um,


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Darrel Frater: where you're from.


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Dj LyRiX Jay: I currently stay in Las Vegas. I was born and raised in North Hollywood San Fernando Valley in California.


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Darrel Frater: Nice, nice area nice area awesome brother was super excited to have you on the show. And just like all episode, we're going to run through your in the beginning story how you got started as a DJ.


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Darrel Frater: Talk about how your DJ career was prior to call that bc before coven at an after call good and project, a little bit into the future there will go on to our lightning round. Sounds good.


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Dj LyRiX Jay: Sounds good.


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Darrel Frater: All right, brother. Tell me your, you know, your intro story, how'd you get started in DJ


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Dj LyRiX Jay: I got started through a crew that I'm no longer associated with but they were good people. And it was in high school I was 15 years old.


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Dj LyRiX Jay: I met a guy named DJ Mike his mom had a company called darling Yvonne productions and yeah he would teach all my friends, how to DJ, but he wouldn't teach me so I i started using as equipment at night because I used to live with them, you know, and


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Dj LyRiX Jay: I taught myself secretly how to DJ, and then just kind of went and started doing work, I


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Dj LyRiX Jay: I got to work a lot of famous clubs and you know it was cool, because I got to meet a lot of cool people that were up there that you know I was just a nobody. At the time, my first DJ name was Casper, because that's what everyone called me on my street and you know and


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Dj LyRiX Jay: Then


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Dj LyRiX Jay: From 1996 I did my first wedding and after that it just kind of became a thing where it was like, oh, man, you can really make some you know money off of this


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Dj LyRiX Jay: There and I 2002 and most Orange County.


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Dj LyRiX Jay: And I was going to college out there.


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Dj LyRiX Jay: And then I worked at Disneyland and you know school is like an


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Dj LyRiX Jay: Experience. Yeah.


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Darrel Frater: So we're excited. Like, so just to back up a little bit because you've been so so all around with your DJ career so


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Darrel Frater: In regards to right off the bat 25 years ago. How old were you restart it.


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Dj LyRiX Jay: I was 15


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Darrel Frater: Years 15 years old in right off the bat you're going into high profile clubs meet celebrities DJ


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Darrel Frater: Like how did like that transpire. Like some people they start and takes them a long time to get anywhere you say right off the gate, you're able to just jump right into the to that lifestyle. Tell me a little bit more about how you got like


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Darrel Frater: Those opportunities.


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Dj LyRiX Jay: So it's Los Angeles for some so the DOM Florentine gardens, you know, the arena. We're all very well known establishments in California. And, um,


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Dj LyRiX Jay: And you know Pepperdine is all that stuff. And I was a kid that just was, you know, around adults, like, you know, Darlene one productions, they would get us into a lot of these clubs, we just weren't allowed to drink.


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Dj LyRiX Jay: You know, and