EP. 003 - DJ HellNaw (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Tramale Chatman DJ Name: DJ Hellnaw Website: Instagram: @Hellnawtheface

Primary Genre: Hip Hop/Rap Other Genres: R&B, Reggae, Soca, Dancehall, Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, Pop, House, Afrobeat



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Darrel Frater, TheClub: What's going on everybody Darryl freighter here. The club CEO and I'm here with DJ how na and we're here with the my DJ podcast super excited to have you on the podcast, brother. What you start off by introducing yourself to the audience.


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DJ HellNaw: Yo, yo, what's up man, DJ Hell naw Hell naw productions com you know I'm saying I'm right here, West Coast DJ, DJ and for about 25 years


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DJ HellNaw: We have between five years this year with DJ invites and 96 so


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DJ HellNaw: Yeah. How old were you


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DJ HellNaw: I was I started when I was 18


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DJ HellNaw: That's when I officially got my equipment that's when I'll say, I started but I've really started practicing at home, the house and I was like 17


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DJ HellNaw: Mommy Jamal had turntables when he was like, oh, like right after Jews came out he had turntables at school. You know I'm saying, so he was in


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DJ HellNaw: I was in eighth grade. He was in ninth grade and he brought his techniques to the to the to the school and do they like law he data, you know, in that much time they have some call


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DJ HellNaw: Center Program at my school, which was, you can do to do like your little talent and some 30 minutes. Everybody try to wrap or something. I went to bear for high school and the bell floors in Los Angeles, California.


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DJ HellNaw: A little bit near competent in between, like Norwalk in Long Beach and all that little area so


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DJ HellNaw: It's not really rough, but it is rough. Is it but it's nice. You know what I mean. So, at the same time.


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DJ HellNaw: He you know his parents as well law so they they got us turntables see so we shot. I mean, he said he might have been a wizard. He come up to smooth turntable.


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DJ HellNaw: So I'm like, Oh, you got turntables he's a yam about the DJ and lunch. I'm like, what


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DJ HellNaw: So then we go to the to the Toronto. We got to techniques. He got his a Gemini makes her at the time for like Radio Shack.


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DJ HellNaw: And I'm like, do you have for DJ like this is the stuff that got have a juice like you like you like a DJ.


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DJ HellNaw: He's like, Yeah, I'm gonna show you. Let me cut it out real quick. So he started cutting these are scratching and he did like a basic scratch. But in my mind. It sounded like he was. It was like time


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Darrel Frater, TheClub: So, so you tell me he pulled up at the lunch at school.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub: Yes, with the turntable.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub: turntable and speakers to, like, oh my god.


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DJ HellNaw: They plugged him inside the drama room so I guess they he brought like the little side like


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DJ HellNaw: I don't know, it wasn't, it was like, at the time, this was the 90s have those big old speaker so it must be like a certain Vega, he bought like one certain Vega.


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DJ HellNaw: So he knew his stuff. So he's audio game was down. So he had a big certain Vega, like it was rocking so at that one survey on the sign yet that face in the audience.


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DJ HellNaw: And he just started cutting up the scratching and stuff. And like just going back and forth for everything sounds like days afterwards. I was like, Yo,


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DJ HellNaw: You know, I just started going out there and try to kindle that relationship, you know, the year start going on and then


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DJ HellNaw: That's like 11th grade. He finally was like thought I was cool enough to come over his house, you know, I mean, like, Yo, you know saying you


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DJ HellNaw: Know you know on the bus hip hop, you know about, you know,


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DJ HellNaw: By that time, you had to pretty food yourself all the time. Like, I know this. I'm not my deep. I know this. I know this person I know MCA, I know this. I know Ryan is a coolie, you know, you do that. Okay. Yeah.


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