EP. 005 - DJ D Raw (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Darrell Anthony DJ Name: DJ D Raw Instagram: @djdraw20032

Primary Genre: Hip Hop/Rap Other Genres: R&B, Reggae, Soca, Dancehall, House, EDM, Afrobeat




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Darrel Frater: What's up everybody. Darrell freighter, the club CEO here and we have an exciting DJ here on the platform that's going to tell his DJ story brother, can you introduce yourself and where you're from.


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DJ D Raw: Oh yeah, this is these ad Ross right here from Delaware by way of DC


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Darrel Frater: Awesome, brother. Glad to have you on the my DJ story podcast and we just want to jump right into this, you know, tell us about the beginning. Tell us about how you got started and interested in the DJ business.


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DJ D Raw: I mean, DJ started for me like back in the days when I was really, really young and just


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DJ D Raw: Just loving music in general and like lemon hip hop and that kind of thing and just


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DJ D Raw: Listening to DJ on the radio, and just hearing them scratching and mixing and stuff and just getting catching that ball than just one one to do it like


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DJ D Raw: This hearing that. And then, then after a while you you get a chance to get on a turntable. It's like, it's like everything is like, okay, this is what they do. I see the video. This has had a


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DJ D Raw: Scratch this society mix this is this is a mix. This is a needle is you learn apart so but you learn everything about it. So it sounds like


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DJ D Raw: Everything is just exciting and to me, even from being a young kids to being like 17 now. I still feel the same way that I have my my setup. I'm actually looking at my setup right now with my turntables and a mixer and everything now. So it's like


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DJ D Raw: I said it's still the same excitement, like now.


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DJ D Raw: You can, like I said, you go online and see DJ is, like I said, watch people. And like I said, I still I still feel the same way I felt when I was younger, so nice. So tell me, so


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Darrel Frater: You're seven years old. We first started in touch. The first turntables and right


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DJ D Raw: Yes.


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Darrel Frater: Nice. Nice. So you were seven years old. Tell me about that experience. You know, you said you're super exciting and like who who gave it to you. Who's term table. Was it because I know he wasn't. You have your own 27 right or gift, you know, tell me.


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DJ D Raw: No, no, no, no, no, I wouldn't ask fortunate that would have been don't wouldn't. I wouldn't have to have my own turntable that seven it was actually you know how to have them all in one systems where you got to turn table, the


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DJ D Raw: tuner. And you got the tape deck and everything, all in one is speakers is all one system.


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DJ D Raw: Yeah, yeah. My grandmother had that and and that's what, that's the turntable. I was scratching on when even meant to be scratched on but you know you just put a record on it. You see the DJ so users like okay I'm gonna do the same place.


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Darrel Frater: Wow. And then, from that moment you do that DJ is something that you want to invest your time and energy into for a long run right


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DJ D Raw: So definitely, definitely. And plus, my father. He was DJ in two. So that kind of kept that going into DJ stuff going in the house as well.


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DJ D Raw: And eventually, yes. And eventually, after a while I was able to as you get older, you start, you started saving money working


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DJ D Raw: Through summer jobs and things like that and you able to afford your own turntable. So eventually I got, I was, I was able to go out and buy my own my own set and I was able to do my own thing.


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Darrel Frater: Nice man so so talk to me about that.


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Darrel Frater: So you saving up money. At what age were you able to buy that first term table for yourself.


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DJ D Raw: I want to say that normal teenager probably want to say like my first first


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DJ D Raw: I want to say maybe like 16 somewhere.


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DJ D Raw: Around here, like me, like me, actually let me actually buying, they will like a belt drive turntables even though you weren't really meant to scratch off because I'm top that bill or the turntables many times


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DJ D Raw: And I had to replace it with rubber bands out of hand. The


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DJ D Raw: Rubber