EP. 006 - DJ Diamond The Artist (My DJ Story Podcast)

DJ Name: DJ Diamond The Artist Instagram: @djdiamondtheartist

DJ DIAMOND The Artist aka The World's Most Electrifying DJ

Membership: World Famous DJ's / X-Ecutioners / X-Men

Ambassador: Guess / Proctor & Gamble / GM / Boost Mobile / DefSquad / 5 Hott Ent

Tour DJ: Beyonce / Prince / Bad Boy / Anthony Anderson / Kevin Hart / EPMD / Craig Mack / MC Lyte / Chubb Rock / Grave Diggaz / TCF Crew / Grafh

Radio-TV: Hot 97 / Power 105.1 / Sirius XM / Iheart / Radio One / TV One / MTV Fuse / BET / Centric / Fox 5 / Upn 9 / Pix 11




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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: What's going on everybody. They're afraid or the club CEO here and we got a good brother here that's going to tell us a little bit about yourself rather introduce yourself, tell us the people reading from


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: Hey what's up everybody in the club shout out, first and foremost, so she got DJ diamond the artists manic A WORLD'S MOST electrifying DJ and um yeah man I'm here, man. And, you know, in the words, the immortal words of 50 cent you find me in the club your


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: Appreciate the plug and


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: DJ diamond the artists, man. That is an interesting name. So I want to hear your origin story. You know, you know, how long you been DJ, like how you got started, how you got the name. Talk to me. Tell me about the beginning days.


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: Well, I mean, we only have 30 minutes, so I can't really go too in depth into it. So I'm gonna have to condense it um, honestly, I've been DJ, and since I was eight years old, that's when I started


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: My brothers, you know, they were like, you know, I was the mistake, baby. I was the, you know, my parents is feeling frisky.


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: When night and I just happened because my brothers were 10 years and nine years older than me and I just came out of nowhere. So when they were like,


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: 18 and 19 they had bought turntables and I was eight, and you know they was learned. They didn't even know how to DJ. That is just wanted to do it.


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: So as they will learn and I was watching them learn, they wouldn't let me touch it because I was at night and they figured out, break the needles and, you know,


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: vinyl records and so on and so forth. So, you know, they wouldn't let me touch but I would watch him. I watch him.


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: Watch him, but you know they were they were getting into adulthood. So they had to go to school, they had to go to work.


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: And when they went to school and they went to work, I would grab the milk crate. I would get myself on top of the milk crate. I knew how to turn everything on because I watched him.


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: I would turn it on and I would try to practice and emulate what they were doing and I did this for months, like without getting caught months. It was crazy.


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: But finally one day, you know, they, something happened. I don't know. Maybe the job that castle maybe school clothes rained out. I don't know what happened.


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: But they came back home, probably in 20 minutes when they were supposed to be going for hours and and they caught me you know I'm saying. And I think I figured I was going to get the ass whipping of


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: Life.


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: It was it was gonna be over.


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: I thought there was gonna kill me, but


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: The funny thing is, is they said that your they watch me for about 20 minutes and they both realized that I was better than both of them.


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: Wow. And it was, and they just let me go at eight years old. And then I just became


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: I'm from originally from Bushwick Brooklyn, New York, but then I eventually migrated to Long Island to Brentwood, Long Island to be exactly, that's a big part of my story of how I got to be the person I am today. But while I was in Brooklyn. And I was with my brothers.


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: They named me DJ baby. Jay, because I was so young and they would take me around to like the block parties in Brooklyn and nobody believes like a DJ until I got on a second. I was killing them.


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: 889 years old or whatever. So that's


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: That's how I got my start, start


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DJ DIAMOND The Artist: And fourth grade. And then after that I moved to Long Island, and then you know that will continue the story later on. And I'm sure


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: This is amazing. So, so eight, nine years old, you got on the turntables your brothers had them, but they weren't really big in the DJ, but then you kind of just took it and ran with it and then they just bringing you around used to DJ as a eight nine year old at