EP. 013 - DJ Superjam (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Johnny Phillips DJ Name: DJ Superjam Website: Instagram: @djsuperjam

Primary Genre: Hip Hop/Rap Other Genres: R&B



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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: What's going on everybody. Darrell freighter, the club CEO here. And we have another brother here on the DJ story podcast, brother. Could you introduce yourself, tell people where you're from.


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Superjam: How y'all doing. Yeah. My name is DJ super jam is my DJ name.


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Superjam: I'm living in Germany. I've been living here for a while.


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Superjam: Half German half American grew up in the States. But, uh, I've been over here just forever. I started DJ in a long haul probably longer than then most of your parents are old.


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Superjam: I started DJ and in 76 by accident.


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Superjam: I actually just went into a youth center and the guy in the US Senate. He had this look on his face, like, end of the world. I was like, yeah, what's going on with you. And he's like, yeah, the DJ is not showing up today.


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Superjam: You want a DJ. And I just wanted to help the guy out. So I'm like, Yeah, okay. I got four records. I really had four records. Let's and


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Superjam: Whenever I do something I always think of how can I do better. You know, it's just always been a thing since I was a little kid or whatever.


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Superjam: So I went home asked my dad is a kind of us some of your records they want me to DJ over here. Yeah, school go through and glass fry, you know, another friend of mine. Now the friend of his, go ask him if he wants me and so


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Superjam: By time I got finished I had like 20 records you know albums and yeah so I went in one turntable and


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Superjam: Just started playing people came in. I started playing and I knew what songs we liked. You know, and I knew what we liked the most, was slow dancing, because this was in the 70s back in the 70s. It wasn't as as crazy as it is now, so


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Superjam: At that time, the only way you can get close to somebody that you work together with what's the slow dance and you get used to call it the grind grind on and for a girl dances, which you close then you know she might like you know cuz she's letting you know.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: That that's amazing. So you came became a DJ on accident you know someone needs to help you just wanted to help in jumped right in


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: How old were you


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Superjam: When this happened, I was I was 14 and I went in and I played on that night and


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Superjam: When I was going about about with the slow dance and so because that was our favorite thing.


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Superjam: I put on this one record and it was Commodores live and it had zoom and easy, which was a total of almost 30 minutes of slow dancing so


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Superjam: When that's last song was about to go off. I told the girl because I was dancing to I told the grassy wait right here.


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Superjam: And then I ran over I took the needle and studying overcame when it started over. I got my first screen from the crowd at 14 new like, yeah, I was like, oh shit I feel good.


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Superjam: You know and and that's that's since then and on the night. The guy said, hey man, you want the job you did a good job and I just


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Superjam: Just kept doing it. And those screens or what motivates you, is when people give you that feedback that makes you want to work harder to get that, again, and to do good for them, you know,


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Superjam: One thing. One thing that's crazy is like as a as a DJ. When you start out, you have your different levels.


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Superjam: You start out and your plan for yourself because you have to know what you like and you have to trust what you like and you have to try to do a good job like that.


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Superjam: But after a while you learn how to do that while making sure you play for the people because they're the most important. That's your, your audience.


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Superjam: And I learned how to do that. But it took me years and years and years to do to get to that point now things are a lot faster people learning a lot more at the beginning.


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Superjam: We had to figure everything out our own because there was no teams. There was no


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Superjam: And DJ is at the time we wouldn't even tell each other what records we had, we would take and scrape the labels off, we put the record in a bathtub.


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Superjam: Until it gets wet scrape the label off and write something else on it like don't even a