EP. 018 - Superstar DJ Ros (My DJ Story Podcast)

DJ Name: Superstar DJ Ros

Instagram: @iamros


Remixer. Writer. Mixshow Producer. Passport Presenter. Club Go-To Guy. Beyonce & Christina Milian have performed with him and Britney Spears dances on the tables when he’s on the decks. Always prepared for any occasion, Ros has rocked exclusive gatherings such as private parties for various Hollywood & corporate heavyweights, 25k party goers in Rio De Janerio for NYE 2010, and 100k plus in the Red Square in Moscow for the 2006 G-8 Summit. There is no event or crowd that he doesn’t have an answer for. He regularly smashes main rooms of ultra lounges and superclubs around the world; bringing his unique brand of sexy, high energy party cuts and edits. Superstar DJ Ros is the prototype of the ‘party rock DJ’.



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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: what's going on everybody darryl freighter TheClub cl here and we have an amazing DJ on the my DJ story podcast today brother, could you introduce yourself and tell the people where you're from.


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DJ Ros: that's totally professional name superstar DJ rows and columns and rows originally from brooklyn New York 25 years in Atlanta to this point.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: awesome brother, now that people don't know this, but we are.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: In a special relationship in regards to TheClub.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: And superstar DJ DJ rose is actually one of the.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: advisors for TheClub APP and we're super excited to have you here on this podcast you have an amazing story.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: about your DJ journey and we're super excited to hear.


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DJ Ros: It.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: On the DJ story podcast so let's jump right into this interview man tell us about you know how you got started as a DJ how you got interested in becoming a DJ and like.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: What age, did you first start DJ.


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DJ Ros: Know really great entertainment, I appreciate that so i'm a second generation, DJ my dad was a DJ DJ did called into what 17 will be passed away, and so, for me, I started messing around with records probably around the age of nine years old.


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DJ Ros: familiar story is be very jazzy Jeff told kind of a similar situation for me, save my lunch money every week by a 12 inch.


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DJ Ros: Had a Fisher price that I started out with man and learn to kind of Jimmy the na between radio and platter so I could.


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DJ Ros: Whatever was playing on the radio learn to beat match by actually matching it up over the phone via the record, so it was an interesting way to start now for me, but in clubs themselves 15.


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DJ Ros: But everything you can imagine, as a DJ radio DJ Gospel DJ to a roller skating DJ wedding DJ club, DJ tour DJ.


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DJ Ros: Massive DJ open format, DJ edm DJ you name it anything that had to do with the culture as a culture expand and then evolved, I wanted to be a part of man, so at this point.


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DJ Ros: i'm just having a good time literally kind of looking back and looking forward at the same time, you know, taking the the history that I have in this culture and now trying to pass that information on to the next generation.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: that's amazing to hear man.


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hold on.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: awesome brother, and I really appreciate you sharing that with us, you know getting into the DJ career is not an easy one, so by you, being a second generation of DJ you know you kind of have guidance and kind of a blueprint.


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DJ Ros: To get into the business.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: You know, tell me kind of about that journey like where did you get your first gig and and how did you go about that were you nervous, you know it was it was exciting just tell me a little bit about how you got started.


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DJ Ros: My first gig stories me a lot different than most, DJ So for me, I would bring my tells you how far this goes back.


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DJ Ros: I would bring my 45 and 12 inches to school in fifth grade every day, and this, this is, this is probably one of my favorite stories.


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DJ Ros: So I would get in school early, and I would ask the teacher, could I use the the record player and I stopped playing records before you know it.


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DJ Ros: Like all the other kids like a lot of the other kids started going to school early, we would have these dance parties before class.


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DJ Ros: Every day of the craziest thing right it got to the point that so many kids are actually being dropped off early that the teachers course he forced me to stop doing it, so what I decided to do up in the hospital my whole life because i'll tell you what.