EP. 021 - Gr3g Hunt (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Gr3g Hunt

Instagram: @gr3ghunt



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Darrel Frater: What's going on everybody. Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO here. And we have another major DJ on the my DJ story podcast, brother. Could you introduce yourself, tell the people where you're from.


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Gr3g hunt: My name is Frank. Hi, I'm out of town.


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Gr3g hunt: Right outside of Portland.


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Darrel Frater: Awesome, brother. Awesome. And I'm both We're both from New Jersey. So this is going to be an amazing interview. So let's jump right into it, man. So tell me a little bit about you know how you got started when you got started and kind of what motivated you to be to become a DJ.


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Gr3g hunt: What motivates me when I listen to hip hop and listen to how jam master, Jay.


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Gr3g hunt: Put on the records and listen to all the other days for cutting on the records on like that's what I like. But I also was dancing. First, I'll dancer.


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Gr3g hunt: In that in the music like Roman in each DJ, but I was basically became for fun, because I used to be a BMX and I academic Parada that


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Gr3g hunt: And I was eating for fun. So we used to imitate like Run DMC I used to act like I was damn day my other friends act like they were Run DMC, and all we did play


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Gr3g hunt: Brendan D records and they would sit there thing their songs. Not that there was a day at a friend's house and then brave came along.


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Gr3g hunt: And I was doing raised, and that's how I learned about the jungle and out of our house. He's like, look at people's houses and what is that there's no that house music


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Gr3g hunt: I'm like fell in love with that and then don't go brothers came out with the song I house you and I'm like, whoa, that's the House on


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Gr3g hunt: And that was one of my favorite song from a rapper because they took it from hip hop to make one alcohol and then I used to when I used to travel with doing


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Gr3g hunt: Taking stuff that you wanted to do parties not a DJ is set me up with some some records in some equipment and not do it.


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Gr3g hunt: And it's the one that and then they know the festival came around and I kind of took a little break, but still playing with it and then next they know what the EDM festival came along and I was like,


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That's what I want. Right there.


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So the crowd.


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Darrel Frater: So you're telling me, pretty much. You heard the house music and like the house music really


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Darrel Frater: motivate you to kind of get more involved and then you know your story and going to competitions, but then they needed someone that DJ kind of just


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Darrel Frater: jumped right in and started doing it. So, like when you started to like transition like the way you view DJ were kind of shifted from just a hobby that something that you did professionally.


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Gr3g hunt: The one doing BMX I'm a little bit both that start out just you know what they call


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Gr3g hunt: It your skills up build your brand.


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Gr3g hunt: And bases. Same thing like that and then the festival came along and I was like, oh, that's it. And then I realized, you know, all the guys are doing a festival


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Gr3g hunt: It was their own song that's like where does. Where do they get this is music from and I start looking up and I found out they all make it I'm like waiting


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Gr3g hunt: So I can make my own music as a DJ and be considered legit parts, then just someone who's like a super like a wedding DJ


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Gr3g hunt: And I was like, oh, there it is. So I basically got Ableton start playing with Ableton and I've made tons of songs. A lot of more crap, which is, you know, everybody you know


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Gr3g hunt: As do in order to get better that week is here the progression of how you went from your worst to where you're at current and I end up releasing a new song this month.


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Darrel Frater: Nice man.


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Gr3g hunt: Which is called lose this fi