EP. 047 - DJ Drew (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Andrew C Ybarra

DJ Name: DJ Drew


Instagram: @andrewcybarra

Primary Genre: EDM

Other Genres: Hip-Hop, Pop, House



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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: what's going on everybody Darrell freighter the club CEO here and we have another amazing episode of the my DJ story podcast brought to you by the club APP the number one online Community for DJ is, we can stream for free and not get cut off today we have DJ drew how are you brother.


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Andrew Ybarra: doing fantastic thanks for asking Darrell.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: Wonderful wonderful would love to you have introduced yourself tell us where you're from your name and pretty much how you got into the DJ game.


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Andrew Ybarra: yeah so yeah my name is Andrew see ybarra I do go by the name, DJ drew and yeah I support coaches and entrepreneurs who have live events with virtual seamless services so.


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Andrew Ybarra: You know i've really dove deep into the AV world as well and I love, bringing the musical aspects to every event that I do because I truly believe in the power of music and and what it what it, you know how it enhances our lives.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: that's amazing now I love it it's going to be much different from our typical DJ interviews, you have a business around helping other entrepreneurs and.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: that are in the live event space so i'm super excited to hear your story tell us a little bit about the beginning days, how you got started as a DJ and kind of your journey through the industry.


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Andrew Ybarra: yeah absolutely so I began my my DJ journey, I always had a little bit of a musical mind I played piano when I was younger I know a lot of.


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Andrew Ybarra: DJ is just kind of born with that musical mind, but I never really took advantage of that until I was in high school and there was a nonprofit church where I was growing up.


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Andrew Ybarra: And they they were kind of up and coming they were grass roots and they needed a sound guy to kind of run the sound for them.


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Andrew Ybarra: And, and I was a part of the church and I said I don't really know anything about sound, but.


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Andrew Ybarra: i'll kind of jump in and teach myself if you guys want to buy the equipment, so they bought you know.


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Andrew Ybarra: Eight channel Mackie mixer and to CD players, and that was that was how I got my start I did that for about two years and.


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Andrew Ybarra: You know I It started with just that little setup and if we eventually added you know microphones and a live band, so I was kind of mixing a little bit of the live band, and I.


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Andrew Ybarra: You know, I was basically just pushing buttons and figuring out what what did what and figuring out what it sounded like so I had no real formal education of audio, but I just kind of.


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Andrew Ybarra: taught myself by experience and so that's I really just kind of did it to support, I never really thought I would make a career out of it and then.


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Andrew Ybarra: After I graduated high school I moved to the bay area where my uncle actually was a DJ and he had been a DJ for about 15 years, and so I asked him if I could.


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Andrew Ybarra: do some work for him, and you know he could support me getting through college, while I while I went to school.


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Andrew Ybarra: And, and he did all sorts of teaching gigs he took whatever he did clubs and bars and fashion shows and weddings, and so I got to see a little bit of everything which was great.


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Andrew Ybarra: Because you know in those early days as a as a DJ like we don't always know.


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Andrew Ybarra: What we want to do what direction we want to go and I didn't even know that I wanted to be a DJ and so he eventually started sending me out with like a little iPad and a mixer and I started kind of DJ some some gigs for him and.


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Andrew Ybarra: yeah really was just like intrigued with the whole lifestyle of a DJ I think in those early days, I was in college, you know, and I love being a part of bringing the party with me wherever I went and.


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Andrew Ybarra: Getting free drinks at the bar and and just just being the life of the party, it was it was really, really fun and and I loved.


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Andrew Ybarra: I loved everything about those early days, and eventually started getting using my AV skills to kind of even bring more to the events that I did so.


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Andrew Ybarra: You know, in some of those early days, we would have bands that would come and join us and so i'd be able to you know, bring a mixer and and actually mix the sound for the band, and you know not just.


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Andrew Ybarra: DJ in between the band sets but it'd be able to support them as well, so I started to see how like AV could support my DJ DJ and can support my the AV work that I was doing.


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