EP. 049 - DJ Mel B Easy (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Mel Pringle

DJ Name: DJ Mel B Easy

Instagram: @djmelb_easy

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop + R&B

Other Genres: Dancehall, Pop, House, Afrobeat



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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: what's going on everybody Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO here and we have another amazing episode of the my DJ story podcast.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: brought to you by TheClub App the number one online Community for DJ is where you can live stream and not get cut off today we have DJ Mel be easy brother, can you please introduce yourself tell the people where you're from and who you are.


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Dj Mel B Easy: Yes indeed, is to party general DJ bell be easy, you know what it is, but it go how I get busy.


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Dj Mel B Easy: Is let's, let me tell you I live in, I see in Atlanta right now I live in Atlanta for about almost 17 years but i'm originally from New York.


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Dj Mel B Easy: i'm starting my my DJ and bones, I guess, they say my bones and got out here in Atlanta on Mondays and for a while.


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Dj Mel B Easy: i've been i've been racking off a minute i've been on a roll there's some of your favorite r&b artist I.


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Dj Mel B Easy: still want to roll with rb singer case novice to DJ been there for a while, as family or manage their souls risk Linda Johnson I didn't do soldier so real.


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Dj Mel B Easy: I didn't did souls with queen pan out and DJ numerous concerts um you know you know i'm kind of kind of i'm sort of somewhat of a big deal I.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: Know we're happy to hear your story man this podcast we'd like to.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: really get you know the story about how you got started and kind of walk us through your entire journey, you know we're doing this and hope that other DJ are able to.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: really hear your story and be inspired and learn some great valuable things that can help them in their journey so yeah I would love to you know tell me a little bit about the beginning, you know what sparked you to become a DJ and tell me about like the early days.


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Dj Mel B Easy: I know you gave me we clear.


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Dj Mel B Easy: Okay at all come on Cosmo stubborn so he was a DJ back brooklyn he would never let me touch this stuff like he would never, ever, let me touch his equipment and i'd be like yo.


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Dj Mel B Easy: I want, DJ he be like not all myself brother and i'd be like oh cool man, so that sparked the inches because i'm like this model well, let me touch this stuff so you know it was always I mean I always want to be a DJ but in real.


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Dj Mel B Easy: At that time.


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Dj Mel B Easy: It was like 8988 89 the music was heavy like de la soul, it was like something that was like boom and I just wanted to be a part of that always want the.


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Dj Mel B Easy: I always want to be part of the block parties now i'm seeing like growing up in New York in the summertime if you did a blog party you was the man you think i'm saying and I always wanted to do a block party never got a chance to do a block party so.


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Dj Mel B Easy: That kind of sparked the interest of me wanting to be a DJ and you know Listening to some of the grave site here.


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Dj Mel B Easy: yeah Lucy being a cake present hollywood's and you know all those, you know that got me into it and the lead on when I got into high school that's when you had to do was to run geez to s&s de la you know so that kind of helped kickstart everything but from it.


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Dj Mel B Easy: I was dibble and dabble in DJ and I was like I usually do hooking parties, I went to the school called park west and the city, so we did a hokey party and stuff like that you know I just I fell in love with it, you don't see that I knew that was something I wanted to do so, the 90s.


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Dj Mel B Easy: I did it a little bit in the 90s, and then I went to North Carolina like 93.


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Dj Mel B Easy: And then I started DJ in out there, a little bit well my grandmother was so strict see well, let me go out the House to do no parties, so I moved back to New York.


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Dj Mel B Easy: moved back to New York City was things were slow I don't know if you can personally here, but things are slow and on.


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Dj Mel B Easy: I didn't want to get that I was DJ in, and we all, but let me explain some to.


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Dj Mel B Easy: I used to suck.


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Dj Mel B Easy: I was a really bad DJ was horrible like I was the one that they didn't let go I can even do the reggae said that's not bad, I was like I couldn't even mix boom bye bye with sound I was telling.


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Dj Mel B Easy: So my peoples will not let me touch they wouldn't let me do nothing I booked a party at the party last night, DJ to save my life and I like I said I wasn't good I was horrible I was, I was bad that'd be bad