EP. 056 - DJ Dagwood (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Darrick Taylor DJ Name: DJ Dagwood Website: Instagram: @djdagwoodmp3 Primary Genre: House Other Genres: Hip-Hop, R&B, Reggae, Latin, Pop, Afrohouse



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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: what's going on everybody they're afraid of the club CEO here and we have another amazing episode of the my DJ story podcast.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: brought to you by the club APP the number one online Community for DJ where you can stream for free and not get cut off today we have the world famous DJ deadwood on the podcast with us today brother, can you please introduce yourself to the people Where are you from and who you are.


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DJ DAGWOOD: Okay, well, my name is a DJ Dag would.


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DJ DAGWOOD: I said darryl said the world famous DJ deadwood you know, Sam popularly known in South is the dirty South mixtape legend operates paperchase mixtape series so so definitely that leads you to doom, DJ is you know saying alumni.


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DJ DAGWOOD: And i'm just so you know they were from Chicago that started, you know if it fell in love with DJ and at an early age, you know, so if I took you back to my humble beginnings of this game.


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DJ DAGWOOD: We going way back before MTV started Okay, so now we are in 1984 I was, I was 14 years old, I was kind of those days were rough back in the day, you know, I was kind of just doing my thing.


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DJ DAGWOOD: living on the street, you know I hate to keep it all the way real but you know ran away from home, you know be some other situation all that dad was in prison, you know, so I just took to the streets man, and when I did I.


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DJ DAGWOOD: I learned how to survive and hustle in the mustang you know, I was living in situations where I had to.


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DJ DAGWOOD: sleep on the l trains in Chicago we have a very significant rail system so from one side of city to the next, the two hour train ride kept me warm and safe, you know until the morning, but then one.


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DJ DAGWOOD: I had discovered this this club, called the playground playground state of them like five in the morning, you know so.


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DJ DAGWOOD: I was hearing about it and I went by there and they let me in you know maturity, but they let me in and so.


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DJ DAGWOOD: All I knew it was, as I was just trying to find someplace to be safe or warm but in this club magic happen.


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DJ DAGWOOD: Okay, so to DJ is still allowed to this day, well, no legends farley jack master Fuck.


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DJ DAGWOOD: Jessie Saunders very well, no house music producers and DJ you know saying the pioneers some of the pioneers of this game I.


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DJ DAGWOOD: I sat there one night and just watched them DJ they had the turntables hanging from the ceiling, the flat case it was just magic G was just like everything they were plan.


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DJ DAGWOOD: Everything that movement of their hands just the attitude that came behind everything and I fell in love and I fell in love what I saw.


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DJ DAGWOOD: And what I saw changed my life because i've been on this journey on this mission called music ever since I was a kid you know, and here it is i'm 52 years old, now, and this has been.


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DJ DAGWOOD: My life, you know so i'm from that you know, DJ in basement parties, you know saying, DJ and escape ranks, you know sigh COPs I mean everything anything I could DJ it, but you know, this is the break dance days so.


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DJ DAGWOOD: DJ and the break dancers, we all work together so I couldn't break work nothing you know I track when a girl, I have one move with the suicide, I do their flip cam as right now to try and say.


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DJ DAGWOOD: I could be the residents that but, like it was still cool but um man do it went from there to you know always you know, being in like DJ competitions and.


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DJ DAGWOOD: guess hosting on radio shows back in the day and just keeping it going man I started doing production, because what it what it is the people I grew up with they.


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DJ DAGWOOD: Fast eddie and a lot of these i'll name a lot of names in my journey, because it all started with house music.


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DJ DAGWOOD: Because Chicago that's the sound of our city, you know saying that's the birthplace of house and I just happened to be second generation of that movement, you know coming into it so.


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DJ DAGWOOD: A lot of my peers they started went from these and on the radio, to make it records touring all over the country overseas and everything so back in 87 I started production.


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DJ DAGWOOD: Writing songs got my drum machines, nobody would see me without my drum machine in my backpack everywhere just making beats everything.


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DJ DAGWOOD: anybody's House I built to whatever is always making beats so you know it just went from there man, and then I started.


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DJ DAGWOOD: really getting into the scene, you know, because when you grind so long and people skip acknowledging, you will be in around they're going to pull you up in the ranks and that's what happens so.


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