EP. 058 - DJ Nook (My DJ Story Podcast)

DJ Name: DJ Nook


Instagram: @darealdjnook

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop

Other Genres: Open Format



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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: what's going on everybody they're afraid of the club CEO here and we have another episode of the my DJ story podcast brought to you by the club APP.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: The number one online Community for DJ where you can stream for free and not get cut off today we have my brother, DJ know here to tell us his story, can you please introduce yourself tell the people where you're from who you are.


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DJ NOOK: hey what's up everybody this DJ know from Rhode island represent Newport Rhode island Providence Rhode island, you know I got my start DJ in and Boston shout out to 617 productions and.


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DJ NOOK: You know my cousin Keith pierce a lot of people in Boston that helped me out get my start, but you know definitely Rhode island raised and here are still rocking hopefully soon sooner than later with all this craziness going on.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: awesome brother, thank you for the intro and super excited to hear your journey within the DJ industry man tell us a little bit about the beginning days you know what sparked your interest to become a DJ and just a little bit about how you got started and walk us from there.


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DJ NOOK: yeah I mean since I was can remember you know a little kid I always was very passionate about music and.


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DJ NOOK: I always wanted to do you know I always was setting up my speakers all crazy and making you know just mixtapes off the radio, just like pause and catching songs and.


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DJ NOOK: i'd say 90.3 which is University of Rhode island's radio station them actually now currently the program director for the hip hop Department on.


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DJ NOOK: Was the hugest influence on anyone from this area music wise they have DJ for every genre you know reggae and hip hop and rock everything and the DJ is.


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DJ NOOK: Really hearing them every week, you know even things that I didn't like and things that I liked it got me going, and I was like I need to be a part of this and.


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DJ NOOK: In high school, my friends, I was.


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DJ NOOK: Helping make hip hop you know we were always coming to my house and recording and making beats and now is another thing too.


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DJ NOOK: I really wanted to be a part I didn't wrap our and I was like where's my place in this besides just finding the samples or whatever I wanted more so, DJ and was kind of the natural once I got to college.


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DJ NOOK: You know I have my roommate had turntables and I ended up buying is all of the stuff by the end of that year, you know I stopped.


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DJ NOOK: going to school and just kept kept DJ and then I was at Johnson Wales at the time, you know, and then, once I got my first turntables and everything I moved to Boston and started to go to school for sound engineering at mass comm which is now a New England art Institute.


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DJ NOOK: And my cousin was a bartender I wasn't old enough to get into the bar is like without getting him in trouble really.


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DJ NOOK: So he was like you know if you want to hang out you gotta just play play your records, you know just come DJ and that's I didn't have a DJ name he's like you gotta put a name on the flyer you know he came up with my DJ name and.


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DJ NOOK: That was it man I I was working at tower records and I had.


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DJ NOOK: One of my best friends, I met at work, there was a DJ sender was ended up I lived with him for nine years, like right when we met, we were like brothers and.


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DJ NOOK: I brought he was really good at scratching you know, and I was more mixing and we helped each other really evolve to strengthen you know he made me better at scratching I made them better at mixing and then.


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DJ NOOK: You know 617 productions ace and frankie and those guys gave us our first start like give us gigs on lansdowne street and all over Boston just start throwing us in the fire really like.


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DJ NOOK: back when before serrano you know this is like 2000 on and whatever record you brought to the club was like you had a hope you bought the right CRATE because, like people.


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DJ NOOK: weren't playing games, you know they came to hear what they you know this energy had to be there, so that was a big wake up call from doing like my cousin's little bar gigs to.


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DJ NOOK: hit in the clubs and being like wow you know I didn't really respect i'd say commercial music as much until feeling the burn.


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DJ NOOK: You know the girls and the people like you got you like you gotta turn it up right now, you know, like that she's not gonna fly, so I was like.


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DJ NOOK: That was a big wake up call, where I really learned the value of commercial music, whereas before I was, I was like I was battling it, I was like we want to.


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