EP. 059 - DJ HD (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Jayson Lassiter

DJ Name: DJ HD

Instagram: @_officialdjhd_

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop

Other Genres: R&B, Reggae, Dancehall, Afrobeat



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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: what's up everybody Darrell freighter the club CEO here we have another amazing episode of the my DJ story podcast brought to you by the club APP the number one online Community for DJ.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: We can stream for free and not get cut off today we have my brother, DJ hd brother, can you please introduce yourself to the people who you are where you're from.


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DJ HD: what's going on i'm a DJ hd i'm from DC Maryland Virginia area but it known as dmv.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: awesome brother really happy to have you on the my DJ started podcast let's start from the beginning man tell us about how you got into the DJ game what sparked your interest and just walk us through the beginning.


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DJ HD: um I actually got into DJ game, a little little bit after high school.


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DJ HD: me and my friends, we was a who's going to a lot of house parties, and you know clear parties at the time and it just came about like you know why don't we get into this and start making start making our own money, instead of spending our money.


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DJ HD: To go to other people's parties, so we started our own promotion team called 495 entertainment and loser start throwing parties left there right.


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DJ HD: And then I seen like the host and you know that was on the MIC I seemed like he was like getting all the females attention, so I was like yo like.


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DJ HD: Let me do that you know, maybe that helped our party or more, so I started, you know, on the MIC and like.


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DJ HD: deep into it, I seen the DJ was getting all the girls, I was like Oh, I was just going over here, so I say i'm just go ahead and just go strictly DJ you know I could host now I can DJ you know that's the perfect combination.


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DJ HD: So I went to whatever you know, a guy called my Big Brother the time, by the way my aunt.


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DJ HD: Who was a DJ he was kind of like in a phase of him retiring as he per se, so he told me, you know just come over teaching, you know we can go over some things and.


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DJ HD: Every day, I will be able to his house learn how to DJ and he will kind of helped me like this is what you need to know this is, you know what this is this what this does, and I just started bj that way.


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DJ HD: So he was like Oh, now that you got that guy need to come up with a name, so we can have spent the whole day trying to figure out a name.


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DJ HD: At the time, my my homeboy my best friend at the time, he was getting into DJ so he was like yo Why would you like to do a thing I call myself DJ HQ you call yourself these hd so when we both DJ and at the same time, it will you know it will make no sense.


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DJ HD: eventually end up kind of you know, falling off and I stuck with it, and it was just like ever since you know, then.


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DJ HD: i've been i've been DJ this was almost 13 years ago that I started.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: wow that's an interesting story man, and I think that shows you know your resilience in the game because.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: A lot of DJ start and they give up, they fall off man so like tell me a little bit about how you were able to just keep it going what motivates you to go further in your DJ career as opposed to your buddy you know that dropped off.


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DJ HD: It.


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DJ HD: It was at some point in time.


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DJ HD: You know, there are you know, during my career as a DJ I had a moment as to where I wanted to to quit um it was like deep down inside I was like i'm never going to get this I never I don't understand how have a DJ do it.


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DJ HD: And, at one point I did I did give up, you know it was like not getting book, the only person has booked me is that got it taught me but.


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DJ HD: The parties i'm doing they're not like major mainstream parties that never pack this a few people here a few people there.


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DJ HD: And it was just like my I can't do this like i'm not gonna i'm not gonna keep visa for the bartender and the bar backs and just myself who's here.


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DJ HD: But he kind of told me he was like yo as an up and coming DJ you know you got to build yourself, you got to build your brand because right now, nobody knows who you are.


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DJ HD: You know, you can go anywhere and say Oh, you did these hd and people will be like who versus all these other these, as was filled out here, so he kind of.


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DJ HD: He kind of pushed me to keep to keep doing it and it wasn't until 2013 where I got asked to do.


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DJ HD: A party and Virginia birthday party in Virginia and it was lined up to be like the biggest party Virginia has ever seen like.


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DJ HD: The people, just like at the time, you know Facebook was was really bumpy and people was hitting my Facebook like oh this party.


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DJ HD: Though i'm coming to the party with tickets, and I was like yo this will be my biggest party my first ever party that's will be the biggest this is going to hit me on the on the map and three days before the party I end up getting locked up.


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DJ HD: And it was like I had to kind of like get the word out there, like yo i'm not gonna be able to the party is like oh what's going on, so I blocked up and i'm in DC.


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DJ HD: When I got locked up everything in DC is really considered federal so you're not coming home any anytime soon so i'm my homeboy ended up finding another DJ to cover me he covered me as well and I found out, it was the biggest party ever averaging.


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DJ HD: And that's when I really got motivated.


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DJ HD: You know, sitting in a sale, you know for 23 hours a day you kind of have no budget things so that's what I started.