EP. 064 - DJ Tay Bottlez (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Deonte Jones-Mims

DJ Name: DJ Tay Bottlez

Instagram: @djtaybottlez1515


Primary Genre: Hip-Hop



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Darrel Frater - TheClub CEO: what's up everybody Darrell freighters the club CEO here and we have another amazing episode of the my tj story podcast brought to you by the club APP the number one online Community for DJ.


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Darrel Frater - TheClub CEO: We can stream for free and not get cut off today we have my brother, DJ bottles here on the show brother, can you please introduce yourself to the people who you are and where you're from.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: So beyond should avoid these i'd say bottles from the bay area oakland California, they don't mean i've been DJ for almost 10 years now i'm just glad to be here can be able to you know share my story.


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Darrel Frater - TheClub CEO: awesome man we're super excited to have you and you know we just want to jump right into this interview and just get to know you know what got you interested in becoming a DJ and how'd you get started.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: As a great great question and i'm more than happy to explain it so i'm like so i've been teaching for like almost 10 years now, but really i've always been in the music.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: And it's funny because I never really realized it until really I graduated high school.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: I had a friend in high school and name is wrong, he was always like analyze marketing media, you know going on blog sites and.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: You know, find out what new music hits all the websites and stuff like that, mind you, this was like over 10 years ago, so this is when like you know MySpace and Facebook was like the number one sites to go to.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: Like say he's my best friend and I always will pee pee wee's into that module I was more into like sports playing basketball and stuff like that so.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: You know, but music always you know interest me always you know me love listen to music when my mom's house parties and house warming is to actually play music.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: You know I would you know make mix CDs for the cars for the House parties and stuff like that, so I always kind of have any money.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: But like I said before, when I graduated high school is when I started getting more interested in it, and this is how so me and my friend Rome used to go to like all the House parties back in the day.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: And this is back when like touch I always remember like to touch iPod or you could just scroll to finger.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: I used to upload a whole bunch of music I download music from like a live wire fraud wire like say MySpace Facebook and just download all these music.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: Margie likes i'm from the bay area I would download a bunch of like underground, they are artists music.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: And he put me on game with a lot of artists i've never heard of so you know when you're putting your game I just started listening to and I was like man like.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: The adult but they're so underground like you know they're not on the same level was too short, he 40.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: MAC dre you know a lot of the popular more mainstream artists in the Bay area, so I really just started, you know gravitating to listen to that type of music.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: So, will we go to the House parties bring my iPad with me, I mean let's give my my iPod and I will just you know hook them up music.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: To like whatever sound system, the map speakers, or whatever the ox court, and I will just start playing music off of my iPod.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: And i'll get the parties craggy and I go, why do you like the parties will be lit like them to me I wish I had like old school footage of it, you know mean, but it would just be so let.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: me my friend room was like you know what your damn near DJ and you don't mean, like you, you actually are, DJ you don't even realize it and, like I said, my mindset back then was play sports.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: You know play basketball with my dad play basketball and play sports so that's kind of like what you know, I was leaning towards also I was like in acting and stuff like that, too, so that's really where my mindset was like especially my younger teenage years and my younger adult years.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: likes, as I got older, you know.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: Start kind of venturing off and start finding more interest like I said.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: Looking at blog sites.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: You know just start getting to the music.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: So I ended up when I graduate I went to school in Houston called prairie view a&m university hbc you in Texas.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: And it's funny because I went to school with a lot of like musically inclined people like all the freshmen I stayed in my dorm like.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: They will everybody was into music anybody recording music in their dorm rooms everybody was either writing music producing something of that nature.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: So I was just surrounded by it so i'll just go, you know hang out their rooms and you know they've started doing music stuff so I started kind of picking up on it, so I actually started writing music I started helping them make songs or whatever, and actually had.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: A friend that was in class with him his name was Dallas and he actually ended up getting signed to a record label in.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: in Texas, and his first hit single to hit the radio, I actually wrote, for which was crazy so really it kind of started from there.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: far as I mean just getting into music in me I feel like at this point, I still not realizing like you know, DJ could be a potential calling, but like said i'm starting to gravitate more to music and less from sports my view I ended up tearing my acl I ended up.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: Also, breaking my ankle playing basketball so that's what kind of made me, you know the gravitate from sports because getting injured had two surgeries and rehabilitation.


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DJ Tay Bottlez: Like it wasn't fun, for me, so when you know when maybe play sports music was kind of like another color like to keep me occupied to keep me, you know saying just to keep me happy so.


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