EP. 079 - DJ Shuttle (My DJ Story Podcast)

Updated: May 24

Name: DJ Shuttle


Instagram: @djshuttlenyc

Primary Genre: Hip-Hop

Other Genres: R&B, Reggae/Soca/Dancehall, Latin, Pop, House, EDM, Afrobeat



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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: what's going on everybody Darrell Frater club CEO here we have another amazing episode of the MY DJ story podcast brought to you by the club APP the number one Community for DJ to build your career online.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: And we have today, DJ shuttle my brother, please introduce yourself to the people who you are and where you're from.


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Dj Shuttle: Oh man i'm from a little small town called you go long island a hit a strong island.


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Dj Shuttle: Exit 21 home with some of the greats you might know like public enemy, the user new school.


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Dj Shuttle: You know some of my mentors and personal people that i've worked with i'm originally from the south bronx before I moved out here, though, and all and that's actually where I got my introduction, in hip hop so.


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Dj Shuttle: To me that's important to my story, but my roaches isn't strong island you're.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: awesome they're super excited to have you on.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: My DJ 30 podcast man.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: You know, we want to hear your story about why you got into DJ how you got started and tell us a little bit about the intro so you know what sparked your interest and made you want to become a teacher.


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Dj Shuttle: Block party.


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Dj Shuttle: You don't say the block parties in the bronx you know I mean she that baby face I look real y'all were.


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Dj Shuttle: You know I mean I was around for those block parties in the bronx before before Ralph mcdaniels before you run dmc and hip hop on MTV.


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Dj Shuttle: Like my introduction, was hip hop on the block industries block parties banging sound systems.


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Dj Shuttle: Food people excited and you know, and this is when the south bronx was like a tough place we definitely didn't really want to be.


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Dj Shuttle: But um but, but the culture of hip hop was something that was like yo you you hear from the from the from the apartment in.


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Dj Shuttle: A window it's like man I gotta go downstairs and I got to be part of that you're saying, and like just like that movie brown sugar is very, very much.


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Dj Shuttle: That was that was my introduction to it and and what intrigued me to just music period and I had on.


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Dj Shuttle: That was like you know you got to call on you always get that cool or cool uncle.


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Dj Shuttle: I that well cool on that collected all the records that were talking about a time period where you had to collect vinyl records, you know take some still kind of new and it was really all about violence.


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Dj Shuttle: CDs we're not even talking about easier, so you know I used to just check out the record covers and like by the ages seven i'm starting to play these records look at the covers.


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Dj Shuttle: side which would record cover was the coolest and then I will start playing records based on that you know I mean and that's kind of my introduction, like seven years old, putting records on on record players and.


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Dj Shuttle: yeah man like just the excitement for the street, though that's what really, really, really truly intrigued with seeing how people got excited it was a good time and you know when the blackout blocked off knew it was about to go down.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: wow man that's super excited man yeah you're cool that kind of showed you her record collection and we're able to kind of put you on game to.


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Dj Shuttle: Start digging through stuff around you know you know that's how that's what really happened.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: And then you got as far as all these dope block parties.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: And you wanted a piece of the action man so tell me a little bit about we know where you went from there, and how you got started to doing these events and parties and stuff like that.


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Dj Shuttle: Man it's your stories love you so wow I gotta give you a couple of layers and pull on your back so I moved I moved to La la so I kind of lose lose some of that this can I have you know somebody at all the street.