EP. 084 - DJ X-Ray (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Ray Hernandez

DJ Name: DJ X-Ray

Instagram: @the_djxray

Primary Genre: Tejano

Other Genres: Hip-Hop, R&B, Latin, Pop, House, EDM



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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: what's up everybody Darrel Fratrer the club CEO here and we have another amazing episode of the my DJ story podcast brought to you by the club APP.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: The number one Community for DJ we can get paid to stream your in person events, today we have my brother, DJ X Ray on the podcast brother, can you please introduce yourself to the people who you are and where you're from.


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DJ X-Ray: hey what's going on everybody this DJ X Ray out of Houston Texas been here for my entire life.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: awesome and super excited to meet you and to hear your story when I start from the very beginning, tell us a little bit about you know what sparked your interest in DJ and how you got started.


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DJ X-Ray: I was actually working for a sound company, and I was doing sound I was running their warehouse I was the guy that you know.


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DJ X-Ray: packed everything for the show's tested speakers got it already took it out to shows set them up and everything else, and I did a concert one time.


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DJ X-Ray: And it was a I think was funny was that a concert down here and I was, I was kind of amazed how the guys that a lot of people don't pay attention to the.


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DJ X-Ray: The beginning of the show before the artist goes on the DJ and stuff like that what they go through, and what they do and how they get the crowd going.


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DJ X-Ray: Before anybody else it sometimes details or point we need to contrast there only plan to maybe 20 or 30 people because you know a lot of people show up the concerts late because they want to see the main act.


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DJ X-Ray: So I started I started taking him out, and I was like you know I could do this and my company actually.


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DJ X-Ray: would have DJ events, and it was a time when they started running low on DJ and they're like hey you, you can you can enunciate pretty good i'm like Okay, whatever that means, so I was like I can speak proper English that's good for me.


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DJ X-Ray: So I started doing it, I started doing five k's and marathons and stuff like that.


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DJ X-Ray: Get and you know for those you got to get up at four or 534 in the morning you got to be there at 545 set up by six and you know you're tired as heck from the day before doing a concert and uh but.


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DJ X-Ray: Once you hit play on your on your on your on your board and people start bop bop in and dancing and moving around and you're like you get into you feel the energy off of them.


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DJ X-Ray: So I kind of started getting into it more and more and more and more and more, and then, after a while I was like you know what i'm gonna buy some equipment.


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DJ X-Ray: Border controller bought some speakers Boston whites and I started doing some local bars and clubs and stuff like that.


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DJ X-Ray: and start off slow, but you know what I noticed is once you build your crowd up and it takes one person for word of mouth to say hey there's this new guy out he's pretty good jams, it talks he talks a lot.


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DJ X-Ray: that's one thing I believe in is a interaction with the crowd not a lot of not a lot of details like the right talk on the MIC and and.


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DJ X-Ray: do that through the show, so he gets kind of it's kind of exciting and get you pumped up and going so I started doing that building up a crowd and everything and next thing you know i'm doing weddings and.


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DJ X-Ray: birthday parties and big events and stuff like that so it's I just fell into it, a lot of people falling I tell them it's addictive DJ DJ is addicting and i'm i'm a big attic when it comes, DJ and music.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: Man, that was a really great introduction man I love, how you mentioned that it takes one person to change the trajectory of your career man.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: And I want to hear you know what was that person in your life that had a big impact on the trajectory of your career and how it changed, you and your career aging.


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DJ X-Ray: Well it's it's kind of funny because down here and down here in Texas, we do a lot of the heart of music, which is kind of like tex Mex music.


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DJ X-Ray: it's it's been around since the 80s and it's not just music it's a culture like when you play that music there's people that come up.


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DJ X-Ray: Back in the day they used to be bands that traveled around Texas, and the United States, and they would pack bars and dance halls and stuff like that, and now it's.


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DJ X-Ray: it's it's kind of started to fade off a little bit, but now it's picking back up because the younger generation like myself.


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DJ X-Ray: are starting to realize what it meant to us it's not it wasn't a phase it wasn't a fad it was a culture and that culture shaped us as as kids growing up to where we are today and I met a couple.


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DJ X-Ray: I went into a little pub bar that I was DJ that and there's a couple of their they're like hey are you DJ and I was like yeah i'm DJ night.


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DJ X-Ray: And she was like what kind of like what kind of music everything like to honor you know hip hop all that stuff she has oh man, we left on that, so I hooked up with them played that night and.


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DJ X-Ray: get ready to start playing again the following weekend and I looked over and they were sitting there, but this time they had about 15 people at their table with them and by the end of the night we finished up there was 45 people at their table they danced all night long and, mind you.


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DJ X-Ray: This is the funny part this couple is 6565 and older and they had they had most of their crowd was 35 and younger.


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DJ X-Ray: But they're bringing they were dancing and drinking with 3525 year olds, and they were there till 130 in the morning and a half the other kids are like i'm tired it's time to go home I got to work tomorrow.


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DJ X-Ray: So these two that couple they're kind of built it up, and now I just did an event Friday night and we had over 250 people in a in a in a in a in a bar or a club that I was DJ that.


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DJ X-Ray: So those those that couple there's built it up to where now you know their friends told his friends and now it's 100 people a night and in the end.


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DJ X-Ray: I love it because you know when they're dancing and stuff like that it's like I said it's just a drug, to me, you see people bobbing their head and dancing and.


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DJ X-Ray: i've got videos where there's like 4050 couples on a dance floor just dancing and twirling around I get dizzy just watching them.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: Man that's amazing and I really appreciate you telling that story, because some people think that you just jump right into it and you have a bunch of people showing up to your parties and events.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: And you realize the real reality is that you start small and with consistency and skills and talent and be able to build relationships.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: That audience grows and grows and grows and it's not something that just happens instantly so anyone out there as a DJ and you're trying to figure out how do I get these big crowds how do these people get all these people to come out they've earned it they've.


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DJ X-Ray: built the APP.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: And it's not something that just happens automatically and i'm glad to hear that.


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DJ X-Ray: And I just so I tell some people, the the biggest thing that's helped me is it's helped me open up as a as my personality.


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DJ X-Ray: Because I got a big personality, but I was always scared to talk in front of people I was always that kid in school where I didn't want to do a book report in front of the room.