EP. 088 - DJ Ant (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Anthony Aaron

DJ Name: DJ Ant


Instagram: @djant863

Primary Genre: R&B

Other Genres: Hip-Hop, Reggae/Soca/Dancehall, Latin, Pop, Afrobeat



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Darrel Frater: what's going on everybody Darrel Frater the club CEO here, and today we have another amazing episode of the my DJ story podcast.


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Darrel Frater: brought to you by the club APP the number one Community for DJ where we pay you to live stream your in person events, today we have my brother, DJ ant on the podcast my brother, can you please introduce yourself to the people who you are where you're from.


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DJ ANT: this DJ Ant, crunkest DJ in the south hailing out of haines city of Florida.


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Darrel Frater: Central Florida to be exact.


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Darrel Frater: super glad to have you on the show man, we want to hear your story as a DJ man want to hear what sparked your interest and talk to us about the beginning days.


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DJ ANT: Oh, as a DJ I first started I hadn't oh mixtape guy man rich people, my father when he used to always play music to the House as a kid so.


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DJ ANT: Everything from electronica music from the 50s to 80s, I hit every day I come home from school and my dad over 1000 to 4000 vinyls he had eight track player.


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DJ ANT: When we got to sit we had over five 600 consists, then CD that's when the game changed if y'all remember windows 95 you only had one CD player, but it wasn't a burner, it was just a player, so we use the replay to CDs and recorded on a cassette tape.


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DJ ANT: And this is one of my my little from music always being rooted in my childhood.


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Darrel Frater: that's awesome man that's a super interesting beginning and you made it work man, you did, whatever it took to make it work and then that kind of you know, passion.


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Darrel Frater: You have for music shield and to you, you know becoming a DJ and taking it further with your career so walk us through your journey man after that intro to just being a DJ doing whatever it takes to get started, how did your journey as a DJ go from there.


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DJ ANT: The funny story about my my DJ store is I didn't just automatically think I was gonna be a DJ I kind of got put in a position where.


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DJ ANT: They may reveal.


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DJ ANT: Because I was sending CDs, I was burning CDs if y'all remember now still I why you for us why you I will put the CDS together and we're using all cakewalk the recording studio i'll put my drops on, and I will send the CDS in my neighborhood.


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DJ ANT: But oh come for me I can't I can't do the DJ drama right now.


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DJ ANT: What city and they had a club they open and I was always the person helping artists in my area because well from a city, we have a lot of artists that.


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DJ ANT: Have gotten deals, they may not have been successful with deals, but a lot of people have ideas so they design man, we don't have no DJ and it was like man you gotta have such a session like nah man man don't you sell CDs like man, I think you should DJ bro all right whoa me I sell CDs.


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DJ ANT: Were there, I mean I tried it out and I liked it and everything, then it was just like.


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DJ ANT: It was oh.


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Darrel Frater: wow that's awesome and there was a need for a DJ and you just fill the role of major walked into things like all right i'm here.


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Darrel Frater: And that's what's up man I love it brother so yeah you sell CDs they needed you to DJ you jumped right into it walk us through you know what happened next keep us going with the story.


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DJ ANT: So it went from me, DJ is one club name new generation is like a little hole and warm sitting in an open nomo but I was eating every Friday so me just knowing music, I know how to read the crowd so.


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DJ ANT: I think our DJ there for maybe two years.


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DJ ANT: Then one of my friends baby and music he's in the industry, but you know.


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DJ ANT: You know, an industry like so he was I may and were you raised an air badass man with his with his new young de.


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DJ ANT: De de de ma and I want to introduce you to my partner anchor chart he's a former manager pretty risky so he was like oh man bring them through, and let me see what he do so we're from what clothes or small hole in the wall to a beat.


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