EP. 123 - DJ Actin Up (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Eduardo Lebron DJ Name: DJ Actin Up Instagram: @djactinup Primary Genre: Hip-Hop Other Genres: R&B, Reggae, Soca, Dancehall, Latin, Pop, House, EDM, Afrobeat, Moombathon, Freestyle Club Transcript:


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: what's going on everybody Darrel Frater the club CEO here and we have another amazing episode of the my DJ story podcast brought to you by the club.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: The number one live streaming APP for DJ and partygoers today we have my brother, DJ actin up brother, can you please introduce yourself to the people who you are and where you're from.


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DJ Actin Up: Well, yes man i'm DJ Actin Up, DJ is fully man i'm from South Jersey body New Jersey, to be exact, but I catered to the Atlantic city every year and the whole tri state every year.


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DJ Actin Up: We locked in everywhere, really.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: awesome bro we're excited to have you on the my DJ story podcast so we want to jump right into your story as a DJ in the game talk to us a little bit about how you got started and walk us through some of the beginning days.


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DJ Actin Up: Man, this is a real rough story, because a music actually saved my life literally and.


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DJ Actin Up: d Jane and this really saved my legacy um I was misfortunate in 2006 i've been a tattoo artist by trade at this time I was like 510 12 years and, as a tattoo artist i'm traveling doing all the biker events.


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DJ Actin Up: And stuff like that I had a house in Florida somebody actually broken to my house and I actually almost got lethal injection at that time i'm being that.


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DJ Actin Up: Florida has a self Defense they ended up being the case, and compare the day and then I came back to New Jersey from Florida after that mishap.


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DJ Actin Up: Unfortunately, almost lost my life and I came back to Tony and basically tattooing and you know I just got to a point, like.


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DJ Actin Up: Somebody come actually for tattoos and then you're like well, let me get 300 and we get 350 I mean basically covering somebody who are half arm or Whatever the case may be, they'll be like oh I got like $150 for it.


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DJ Actin Up: And then I get done the Chair to and then they'd be like oh let's go to the board, then we'll go to the boy named blake.


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DJ Actin Up: rattle drinks for everybody feel me i'm like yeah you know me like no you just told me yummy, and this is on your body for the rest of your life, and you know i'm up there in the tattoo world.


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DJ Actin Up: At that point, you know so it's like I was talking to one of my my homie at his house and he had this old school.


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DJ Actin Up: um you know the big speaker boxes, with the CDS with the little dial in the middle and sitting in his house, you know that's more for like doing weddings and stuff like that, basically, I never even DJ before I.


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DJ Actin Up: Like hearing they're like, but not in like that so.


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DJ Actin Up: I mean, at this point in my life, so I seen it and then I was like you know what let me buy that off, you know what I mean, so I bought that off and and.


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DJ Actin Up: The next day one of my friends, you know I have posted it on Facebook, whatever one of my friends, having a backyard Barbecue birthday little band, and they all want to come.


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DJ Actin Up: bring them through over here and I didn't even have a driver's license at that time, so I had to I had time to pick me up and drop me off with these big old 18.


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DJ Actin Up: To 18 and speakers in the boxes in this big old heavy and they would come pick me up in my house and helped me loaded up in their vehicle so.


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DJ Actin Up: Anyway, like we did the backyard Barbecue at the same time, I had a friend of mine his DJ but they have no equipment, he went he gained at this club, where you had to bring your own equipment.


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DJ Actin Up: So basically we he called me up i'm talking about literally day I bought the equipment, the next day I did the bbq.


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DJ Actin Up: bbq the man call me I was like Oh, I need a little help you i'm saying, I want to know equipment so he's a yo.


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DJ Actin Up: Can you bring me on come with the equipment bring it over there i'm like I cool, but I just got it he don't know how to use it, so I set it up, so now i'm showing him how to use it.


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DJ Actin Up: In the mix of me showing how to use i'm like I well this is your bed you got the data so go hey I showed you a new is easy, because it was.


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DJ Actin Up: You know little easy stuff so anyway, he started but i'm DJ and he has selection of music I guess people started catching on cab and leaving the place so.


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DJ Actin Up: The guys that I had actually was like there was a couples married couples, there was actually going to take him off, but it and go over there and pick this party backlog, so I did that, for they fired him.


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DJ Actin Up: And book me.


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DJ Actin Up: And that was my main.


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DJ Actin Up: filming so then it was like I should from there, I was in the club, but back in 2000 and for me and that happened that happened in like 2009 that's when I started this career.


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DJ Actin Up: that's when I started my journey in this career in 2009 actually but in.


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DJ Actin Up: I actually was hanging around in Atlantic city at the sheet book club, it was called studio city club true at that time and.


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DJ Actin Up: But this is what I actually first first started getting into the DJ so like a like the owners of the place they had some black suit mafia people in there and his name is Tommy Tommy arm.


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DJ Actin Up: And he there was having a meeting so he was like go over there just go play some music.


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DJ Actin Up: He did say was like a deck outside where you buy a small guy you know i'm saying that's when they shut down smoking inside yeah to go out on the deck.


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DJ Actin Up: And he was just like yo good go ahead and just put some music, while we took cuz he was yummy me into the conversation so and the mix and me being that they're just playing some music and just playing music one of his black suit mafia.


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DJ Actin Up: was like who is this guy and i'm like the owner was like nobody just just a friend of mines i'm just having them up there you go play some music, while we talked I don't want them.


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