EP. 136 - DJ C-Los (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Carlos Turner DJ Name: DJ C-Los Website: Instagram: @dj_closent Primary Genre: Hip-Hop Other Genres: R&B, Soul, Reggae, Soca, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Latin, Pop, Afrobeat



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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: what's going on everybody Darrel Frater the club CEO here we have another amazing episode of the my DJ story podcast brought to you by the club APP the number one streaming APP for DJ and partygoers.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: Today, when my brother, DJ C-Los to the show brother, can you please introduce yourself tell the people who you are and where you're from.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: And my name is Carlos turn on DJ C-Los i'm originally from Georgia is in between, making it milledgeville Georgia and currently residing in Atlanta area.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: offer man we're super excited to have you on the show the mighty directory podcasts and we want to hear your story as a DJ so bring us back to the beginning, what sparked your interest to become a DJ and tell us a little bit about your intro to the game.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: Well yeah so mostly i'm i'm a country boy the heart, so when I grew up at.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: There was a guy That was a well known, DJ and area, and I was like he's he's a break here so cassette tape tight.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: And he's I was be getting my pencil and he's the cutest cassette tape about the girl for him and stuff and I will just touch on his little knobs and is a mixers and stuff so account like okay it's kind of cool but never thought it was to be interest.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: And then one day we will say having like little baseball games in the park and whatever and i'll just bring music and they play them a boom box.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: In there by law, you know, listen to music whenever I have a tape switch my tapes out whatever and then one day, so a girl DJ my birthday party i'm like i'm not a DJ.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: I didn't know plays music and she's like no I think you're good at no not but anyway long story short, I did a little party has some old Fisher price speakers that I got from the pawn shop and and it just went from there, I guess.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: that's a really dope intro man, and I think it's funny how you know you thought that you aren't really good you say i'm a DJ someone wanted to.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: utilize you as a DJ even think of yourself as a DJ but you know you was able to kind of walk your way into it and kind of just go from there, you know, keep on going with the story and tell us like where you progress from that initial intro and kind of how you progressed from there.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: yeah so like I said i'll actually.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: happen is other guy was doing his.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: work that was like a small work fitness cassette tape stuff so I just thought watching him and and looking at how he was you know going in and out of sets and stuff like that, and I was like Okay, I guess, I understand it, and then you know, and then I went I went to college.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: Nobody really knew I kind of you know scared layer by new DJ right because I go back home and play set imola.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: home time or whatever, and I go back to school and have you seen a DJ is at school at all, they don't like this, you don't like that.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: And some guy who be like radio personalities and stuff now like I realized that I was not the microphones and stuff like that i'll just playing music.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: And I realized that was another sticker to know details, this morning, let me just say my dad is playing music, and so I am I start getting more of didn't you know doing more of the parts of people who I didn't know versus people always doing people I always new.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: And then, on a certain doing startling clubs and.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: Did that for a few years, and I still don't a few private system must nothing real major and I was like I still have again burnt out so for like five years i've completely stopped.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: And then I met a few guys one of my best friend named mark hall and and I met them, and it was going to do fasten game to tailgate.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: And i'll a alone just know right go with you guys and they had a DJ that would show up some time and on and one day I said hey man.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: I can be just like what like yeah DJ and they were like stopping like real so they like a in a binomial few.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: Speakers and brought to the actual set it to the arm tailgate I was on there, and I was doing my thing you know.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: And then definitely like no computers me to start again big and again we know him, you know download MP3 and stuff.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: So early 2000 or whatever, and I was like getting into and stuff and then nothing you know people ask me do the parties and stuff like that weddings and.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: My what's going on with our spirit and do all this, then people find out about my job to someone else said to gate and he saw, and so my job, so I don't know Dane county for the county the tarrant county government for like I did like.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: A falcons superbowl pre party whatever a tip of tailgate and it just kept going, you know, and then you know i'll just start adding stuff to my repertoire.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: Whereas no not just DJ you know of course i'm seeing I help coordinate people in a wedding.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: And know start doing you know understanding what's going on, because weddings totally different in.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: A party, because you guys let people that read it party at a wedding most of them came here for the wedding and just get to see people, so you have to do a whole new level to try get their energy level up because half the people then come to dance like that.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: So.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: And then I start just any other things like other additional stuff like fog dance for sparkling is more power tix that do a lot of smoke screens and.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: Do a light law different type of lighting Goebbels, you name it anything that can inject goes with the actual business I do actually know you know now i'm starting to actually.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: Train other DJ and show them how to keep the corral going how to recognize recognize to cry recognize who your target interest is.


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DJ C-Los - Carlos Turner: I think that one of the biggest issues they have I seen the DJ do they go in and they just think with a light versus realizing who the customer is and get them into across aircrafts not saying crap.