EP. 139 - DJ Richie Stylez (My DJ Story Podcast)

Name: Richard Smith DJ Name: DJ Richie Stylez Instagram: @djrichiestylez Primary Genre: Hip-Hop Other Genres: R&B, Reggae, Soca, Dancehall, Reggaeton, Latin, Pop, House, Afrobeat



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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: what's going on everybody Darrel Frater the club CEO here and we have another amazing episode of the my DJ story podcast brought to you by the club.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: The number one live streaming APP for partygoers and DJ So today we have my brother, DJ richie stylez on along with this brother, can you please introduce yourself to the people who you are and where you're from.


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DJ Richie Stylez: i'm from North Carolina currently I live in the dmv.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: awesome brother hey we're super excited to have you here on the DJ story podcast we want to hear your story in the game of DJ brother so talk to us about the beginning, why did you become a DJ and kind of give us some insight on that early journey.


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DJ Richie Stylez: becoming a deeper, so it kind of started like was fresh out of college analogy, when I have a DJ and I was the host at the time, and I was hosting like basically big celebrities at this club called love nightclub in DC.


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DJ Richie Stylez: When the promoters on there, like literally like really pushed my career and they were like you know hey.


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DJ Richie Stylez: You know you show host more clothes I started hosted more clothes and then I ran into one of my DJ brothers who was like my mentor.


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DJ Richie Stylez: His name is DJ blue star he's from Houston he was out here, and he was like bro i'm gonna turn you into a DJ because you know you can make more money because you've got you already got the words with the with the.


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DJ Richie Stylez: With the with the MIC so let's just go ahead and just make you a DJ also so you know he basically brought me in a you know brought me into the family is allowed neighbor family.


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DJ Richie Stylez: And I just kind of just branched off from there, like I haven't gotten artists, one of my artists, is one of the big artists in DC.


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DJ Richie Stylez: A DJ for live show he's he's an artist for DC one of the biggest already have a.


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DJ Richie Stylez: low life, a little couple of more other people, so you know, basically, for me, is just a DJ close I do concerts I do I go all over America, right now, like i've gone to the west coast, DJ.


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DJ Richie Stylez: So it's just something different it's just taken off from me being just a host and now I host and DJ my own party so.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: I thought man super great intro and it's super amazing go from host to DJ because now, you know both sides of it.


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DJ Richie Stylez: You know the business side, how to build a crowd but then now, you know how to run the party and set the vibe.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: So that puts you in a really great position to do a tremendous job with pleasing the people and be I have a you know really great events man.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: So I would love to jump into it like what is something that kind of sparked your interest so like like really take this on as a DJ like there's so many things that you can do, but like you chose to become a DJ and kind of.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: jump into some things that you like about it.


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DJ Richie Stylez: On the fact that I can learn new music faster than anybody else can so basically like like I don't know jockey here like i'm in the studio now.


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DJ Richie Stylez: we're basically practicing but it's just like you know I love music, so I love different janice I listened, I will literally go to I haven't gone yet, but I want to go to like.


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DJ Richie Stylez: Steve I ot is conscious, I was actually want to see like in person, how house parties how tech, you know music explains.


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DJ Richie Stylez: How they really do different things, because the way that they bring in music we don't bring in the same way play when you're in our club you're not going to hear us have.


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DJ Richie Stylez: To have an intro and then everybody goes crazy you don't have it, you know you have like maybe like 10 second intro and a straight into the words like.


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DJ Richie Stylez: So you know I I just love music so that's what brought me to be a DJ and actually be a part of the party and that he just in the body.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: yeah that's great man we're super excited brother, you are really doing a lot, and you seem like you have a lot of fun, while doing it man.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: that's super great because if you're having fun, while doing it.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: that's when you become really successful at it, because you're not just doing it for the money or the opportunity you're doing it because you're truly passionate about it man.


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Darrel Frater, TheClub CEO: You know I would love to jump into you know how you got your name, DJ rittenhouse like how that name come about and kind of what does that mean to you.


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DJ Richie Stylez: Oh, basically.


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DJ Richie Stylez: It transition from a lot of different things like.


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DJ Richie Stylez: So on when I was first started out, it was just you know all this that's just the club hosts you know that's all it was then it was like some I was like well, you need to build your name, so you could build a brand.


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DJ Richie Stylez: Size like I cool so we went down, I was, like me and my sister and her was like literally sitting down throwing names back at each other it's just like.


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DJ Richie Stylez: This one and then, once that was like richie because you know that's my nickname you know my family calls me richie and then I took it from like as far as.


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DJ Richie Stylez: It went from richie sway to two different days and she was like styles, I was like why you say sounds just like because.


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DJ Richie Stylez: You don't always you don't wear the same thing and include like you you're you're right you're either.


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DJ Richie Stylez: You know, we were one color solid color Plaid color you have different style to you, and especially when you DJ you don't DJ like everybody else you don't host like everybody.


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DJ Richie Stylez: You have your own style so she's like richie styles, because you know you're from North Carolina you bring it in or careless you know swag.